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    The Food Spa is the 'food baby' (for want of a better phrase) of me, Hannah Murphy. I am a busy working mum of three and a lone parent. I have lived in Tunbridge Wells for 12 years and have over 25 years experience as both a professional cook and a home cook. I realised that not everyone is so fortunate to have meal planning and cooking skills taught to them or are simply too busy to enjoy and make the best of their kitchen time as I do. So the story of my little business really did begin from a kitchen table. My kitchen table.


    It all began by cooking and baking for busy family and friends who were in need of some light relief from the usual supermarket chaos and slog in the kitchen. They really liked my food and told their friends about me and in turn, they told their friends too and to date, the service has been so well received that I felt it was time to expand The Food Spa Home Range meals to an online marketplace to include carefully selected store cupboard essentials and local artisan products for purchase as well as promoting the basics of cookery and meal planning on a budget.



    My customers all have one thing in common - they are time poor and find cooking fresh meals from scratch hard to fit in around their busy schedules. Having hand prepared meals and groceries delivered to your home to save you time is no different to hiring a cleaner or a maintenance person and whether my customers are new parents, elderly people wishing to retain independence, moving home, commuters, local professionals, busy families or carers; the convenience of having fresh home-style food and store cupboard essentials delivered really is a local, friendly alternative to time spent planning, shopping and cooking.


    What makes us different?


    Unlike popular retailers of convenience foods, all of my meals are freshly prepared and contain only the ingredients you would use at home. The meals arrive frozen and can be cooked straight from the freezer or defrosted in the refrigerator if preferred. I provide Ingredients and cooking advice sheets for all orders, so that you know exactly what ingredients I have used and how to cook or store the meals. Uniquely, all of the meals are presented in reusable/recyclable kitchenware suitable for the oven or microwave. Also, if you order regularly, for a small initial deposit, I can deliver your oven ready meal choices in traditional enamelware trays/pie dishes and casserole pots as I am working hard to do my bit to reduce unnecessary packaging that cannot be recycled or reused.


    I pride myself on the quality of my ingredients, the generous portion size, the professional presentation of my dishes and the exceptional home cooked taste in comparison to shop bought chilled and frozen ready meals that use artificial additives and preservatives.


    So treat yourself with some food therapy today and find your happy food place. Let The Food Spa come to you!




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    The Happy Food Place

    Pork & Leek Jalouise
    8.25 - 16.50
    Luxury Sausage Plait
    8.75 - 17.50
    Liver & Bacon with Onion Gravy
    Lime & Coriander Wholewheat Couscous (V&VG)
    2.50 - 2.75
    Party Cupcakes (box of 12)
    17.50 - 18.50
    Apple and Rum Party Traybake (12 squares)
    Hannah's Party Chocolate Brownies (12 squares)
    7.75 - 8.25
    Chocolate and Pistachio Torte Dessert Cake (serves 10-12)
    Coffee and Walnut Party Cake (serves 10-12)
    Spiced Carrot Party Cake (serves 10-12)
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